With Pole Dance to The Dream Body


The pole dance pole has long since stripped the image of strip clubs and dirty bars. Although dancers still loll about it in certain establishments, we use the bar primarily as a cool fitness tool outside of the milieu. Sports courses have long been offered worldwide, in which women learn pole dance in particular. But what exactly does sport bring and what does it take to carry it out?

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Power and flexibility

Have you ever spontaneously tried to swing on a pole dance pole? Not that easy, is it? Beginners need a little time to stay in one position. It always looks so easy with the professionals! The difficulty is keeping your own body weight. Friends of weight training like Freeletics know how exhausting that can be. A certain flexibility also makes pole sports easier.

The strength builds up step by step, at the beginning the course participants still practice light figures, especially the correct grip and the application of the body to the training device must be learned. Pole dancing is about the right technique. Painful muscles are preprogrammed the day after the first units: the movements are unusual, slight bruises off the rack are normal.

The right “equipment”

For pole dance, a little more free skin has to flash out of your training clothes, because this ensures the correct hold on the pole. Too much fabric slips a lot and makes some exercises impossible. It is best to start with a pair of shorts that stop above the knee, a tight-fitting tank top and a well-fitting sports bra underneath. Do not apply hand cream or body lotion to your face just before pole dance – you will most likely slip off the rack. This also increases the risk of injury. You don’t need socks and shoes, pole dance usually takes place barefoot.

And what about high heels?

Most basic courses only include training in sports gear. However, some studios offer sexy style courses where high heels are a must. Jewelry, on the other hand, is always a no-go. You could get caught or scratch the poles.

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